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2021 EFA Coaching Winter League



Welcome 2021 EFA Season!

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in coaching in the EFA  in 2021. This form will assist the grade coordinators with planning for 2021 winter dome season. By completing this form you acknowledge that you will need to complete the appropriate Trusted Coaches grade level requirements, LMAA Coach Training, and background check.

Each year we have many volunteers willing to dedicate their time and energy to coaching the kids. We make every effort to allow interested individuals the opportunity to coach, but on occasion we do have make decisions that limit the number of official coaches. Priority may be given to coaches with previous EFA experience. The final coaching staff decisions will be made by Football Operations Committee and Grade Coordinator. In addition, any previous disciplinary actions may be considered by the grade coordinator when making coach decisions or assignments.


Please direct any questions to:

Mark Jezierski